* thanks to the photographer who took this great shot *


Pyramids Valknut

Day 02


by the power of 3 x 3 = 9

view along pyramid alignment


It was during the time period of the original concept of the Oracle of Ra:ah (2014)

that I first saw the photo of the pyramids at the beginning of this page.


I had already made the Zodiac of Ra:ah system (2012),

and I was looking for a card at the GALACTIC 9 position


While looking at the photo, I thought to myself,

about the shape of the Valknut. ( Thats what appeared in my mind )


Valknut ( from Norse traditions )

"knot of the fallen"


3 triangles interlocked


when the Valknut shape

is overlayed onto the pyramids in the photo

the result is, a very eerie ancient match across traditions (I.m.o.)

* the exactness of it could potentially be improved at a differnt photo angle, however ...



The place on the Giza plateau where the photo is taken

also happens to be the place, in the graphic at the beginning,

where the angle of the alignment across the pyramids, begins


* red line equates, red line in this diagram

More about this angle later.



*there are many many versions of their precise numbers

* many have attempted to un-lock the mysteries of the pyramids

* its good to remember that we are measuring what is left now after thousands of years


That being said, I have my own interpretation, through working with the time codes ...


More will be revealed as this process continues


* chess pieces as a mandala * photo (eco-forest 2003)



Grid in Books:

John Michel - View over Atlantis

David Furlong - Keys to the Temple

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