Pyramids Valknut

Day 06


by the power of 3 x 3 = 9

un locking the pyramids of giza



The 3rd Pyramid, so many books have been written about it,

it is most certainly the most mysterious and intense one


Really when I think about, my search for the time codes,

in relation to the pyramids, it all started one day

with this calculation


391 / 440 = 0.888...


Now, that number has more to share, indeed I was to find that

hidden in that fraction, is a very ancient understanding of time and space


It is for these reasons, that I have called it the Dynamic Pyramid


So lets start shall we


Viewed from above, there are 4 sides

on closer inspection though, 8 sides are implied

For overall estimates, in various forms of measurements

( feets, meters, and Cubits ), which can be found online and in books

see this page on >> Height to Base << ratios



The standard model, using rounded whole numbers,

for the 3rd pyramid is, ...

280 cubits height, with 440 cubits base


As a reduced fraction, thats 7 by 11


* ( check yourself, or use calculator, 280 divided by 7, multiply by 11 = 440 )



This is the basic level, beginning, to start to understand this pyramid


In reference to the Galactic Arkana, thats GA 07 and GA 11

* The Chariot and Sun cards, ( 317.7 yr cycle ) & ( 11 yr sun spots )


Arkana Guide Sheets


: : :


... and to continue to understand more about this pyramid

we shall now look at the angle of its slope

* this angle is based on measurements of the remaining casing stones at its base


The whole number average standard is 52°


* to under-stand the equation in this graphic requires a page about,

Trigonometry, and Soh Cah Toa



This completes the basic level under-standing of Pyramid 2


Is that the whole story, not even close ...


for a start the measurement given for the current Height is 264.4 cubits ( 138.8 meters )

and yet most of the top of the pyramid has gone, and far more than Pyramid 2


( 146.7 meters - 138.8 meters ) = 7.9 meters missing, compare that with Pyramid 2 ...


To continue on a path of Gnosis

we must dig deeper into the ancient maths

but lets have a look at some photos and compare


Part 2




*there are many many versions of their precise numbers

* many have attempted to un-lock the mysteries of the pyramids

* its good to remember that we are measuring what is left now after thousands of years


That being said, I have my own interpretation, through working with the time codes ...


More will be revealed as this process continues


* chess pieces as a mandala * photo (eco-forest 2003)



Grid in Books:

John Michel - View over Atlantis

David Furlong - Keys to the Temple

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